Wineries: take your DTC program to the next level!

For many wineries, direct to consumer (DTC) sales through the tasting room and online are critical to success. 

DTC usually represents the highest margin sales channel for a winery. Plus, it gives you the chance to share your winery story and build relationships directly with customers.

And yet, despite the tempting promise of DTC, many wineries struggle to make it real for them. 

Finding the time to craft engaging emails and campaigns, update the website, drive traffic, post on social media, train staff, and stay up to date on all the latest data and strategies…on top of the tasting room and all that it entails...can seem daunting and overwhelming. 

Many winery owners and staff members who lead DTC channels for their winery find themselves in this situation. 

But you don’t need to struggle alone. There is a much better way.

Are you ready to uncork the potential of your winery's direct to consumer success? 

Introducing the first-ever DTC courses and accelerator for Canadian wineries! These programs are curated specifically to help wineries learn and apply what is working right now to grow DTC revenues, in-house.


NEW: DTC Wine Accelerator 

A 30 day done-for-you package to take your winery DTC program to the next level, faster. We will assess your entire DTC program and create the following, specifically for your winery, using all the best practices we teach in our courses:

✅ a strategy session with you and your team to create a campaign plan,

✅ copywriting, segmentation and set up of a 3-5 custom email campaign,

✅ offer landing pages and checkouts as needed,

✅ design and run 2 ad tests (10 headlines and 10 creatives),

✅ set up and troubleshoot ad account and warm audiences,

✅ ad spend management during the campaign.


Also includes a follow up strategy session to incorporate learnings and answer questions for your next DTC campaign.

Accelerator Cost: $2995 CAD


What other costs might incurred during the Accelerator? There's zero surprise costs from Carl's Wine Club unless we mutually agree. You would have your usual costs to run your website, email service provider (MailChimp, Klaviyo, etc) and any integrations you have. Facebook/Instagram ad spend is also additional, at the discretion of your team. Ad tests we conduct run approx. $40-60 per test, and we can run the winning ads during the course of the campaign to amplify sales. Minimum recommended ads budget: $150).

Do we need to be using specific platforms to get the most out of the Accelerator? We can almost always work within your existing data and tech set up. We are Klaviyo, MailChimp, Meta and Shopify partners, and we've worked closely with Commerce7 and WineDirect, but also a myriad of other providers. If we run into roadblocks with your current set up, we can provide landing pages or assistance through our agency accounts, with your agreement of course, in order to run a successful campaign. 

What size of an email list do I need? We have worked with email lists ranging in size from 400 - 15,000 active emails. If you have a smaller or larger list that's ok too. We can incorporate these factors into our campaign plan together.

What kind of sales can I expect from a campaign? We have seen amazing results so far when we do a campaign with a winery from A-Z. Our goal is to work with  you to increase (ideally dramatically!) the open rates, click rates, and sales that come in through our campaign together. While we can't guarantee any specific results since each winery has it's own set of opportunities and challenges, we do guarantee that you will be able to measure and see progress, and learn a great deal from the Accelerator experience!

Book a complimentary intro call to see if the Accelerator is a good fit for you!

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Course: Email Marketing for Wineries

Email is every winery's lowest hanging fruit, and you will be able to see tangible and fast results from the strategies shared in this course. Gain the skills and knowledge to take your winery’s email marketing and sales to the next level so that you look forward to the tangible boost your winery receives after each email you send out.

Dates: Self-Paced Recordings plus Live Q&A Sessions

Training Cost: $995 CAD

Course Outline (click to view & download)

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Course: Digital Ads for Wineries

Turn on the 'tap' to limitless growth through paid digital ads. Create high-converting ads to bring in online sales, tasting room traffic, new wine club members and more. Plus use our rapid testing method to get the best price for your conversions and test your messaging and content for other channels too! (CDAP and digital management grants can assist with start up costs of ads).

Dates: Self-Paced Recordings plus Live Q&A Sessions

Training Cost: $995 CAD

Course Outline (click to view & download)

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Grant Funding Available! Since these courses address immediate training needs of wineries, improve your business resilience and revenues, and create improved career prospects for attendees, your winery may be eligible to obtain a grant to cover the costs. We're happy to share details of the grant programs identified as possible funding sources in BC, ON and other wine growing regions.

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