Direct to Consumer Marketing & Sales Course for Okanagan Wineries

For many wineries, direct to consumer (DTC) sales through the tasting room and online are critical to success. 

DTC usually represents the highest margin sales channel for a winery. Plus, it gives wineries the chance to share their story and build relationships directly with their customers.

And yet, despite the tempting promise of DTC, many wineries struggle to make it real for them. 

Finding the time to update the website, drive traffic to the tasting room, post on social media, train and schedule tasting room staff, and stay up to date on all the latest data and strategies…it can seem daunting and overwhelming. 

Many winery owners and staff members who lead DTC channels for their winery find themselves in this situation. 

But you don’t need to struggle alone. There is a much better way.

Are you ready to uncork the potential of your winery's direct to consumer success? 

Introducing the first-ever Direct to Consumer Marketing & Sales Course for Okanagan Wineries

Join us on an exhilarating 8-month journey through the dynamic world of DTC marketing, tailored exclusively for wineries! 

In this transformative course, we'll empower you with a comprehensive framework for DTC, the strategies that are working right now, the personalized tools that you can put to use today, and give you a framework of support and accountability.

The result? Increased brand recognition, amplified sales, and a thriving online presence that catapults your winery to a whole new level of DTC success.

Interested in joining us? Please call Carl or Mira to register today at 587-832-0130 or 587-899-8249. 

The full course outline can be viewed and downloaded here.


Course Highlights

🍇 In-Person Immersions (Six Full-Day Sessions)

Dive deep into the heart of DTC as we embark on six exhilarating full-day sessions. Each morning is dedicated to thought leadership, expert instruction and guest speakers, while the afternoons are reserved for activities that directly apply learnings to your winery's unique personality and offerings.

🌐 Virtual Power Sessions (Two Half-Day Sessions)

Two immersive virtual sessions (“Plan Your January” and “Plan Your May”) are included to help you plan your month ahead and implement new strategies for each of your direct to consumer initiatives. Map out your strategy using templates and guided discussions, and then gain valuable insights on how to fine tune your plan with audits from the instructors and your peers.

👥 Personalized Guidance (Eight 1:1 Sessions)

Elevate your learning experience with eight private, one-on-one sessions with our expert instructors. Get hands-on assistance and individualized strategies to tackle your winery's marketing challenges head-on.

🌟 Why Choose Our Course?

Industry Expertise: Learn from seasoned professionals with a proven track record in winery marketing, alongside guest speakers who contribute thought leadership and skill-specific training sessions.

Tailored for Wineries: Every strategy and training is crafted with the wine industry in mind.

Hands-On Approach: Apply what you learn immediately to see results in real-time throughout the course.

Support System: meet and connect with fellow winery owners and marketers from around the Okanagan, building a peer support system for you to access even after the course concludes.

🍾 Raise Your Glass to Success!

Imagine the taste of success as your winery not only survives but thrives in DTC programming. Whether you're a boutique vineyard or a renowned winery, this course will uncork your winery’s DTC potential and take your brand to the next level.

👉 Limited Seats Available - In order to provide a highly customized and valuable experience for each participant, there are only 12 spots available. Secure your spot today!

📢 Don't let your winery fade into the background. It's time to shine online! Join us for this 8-month DTC Marketing Course and transform your winery into a direct to consumer powerhouse. 


Course Name: Direct to Consumer Marketing & Sales Course for Okanagan Wineries

Course Starts: November 6, 2023

Course Ends: June 30, 2024

Location: Six in-person locations rotate amongst participating winery hosts.


Six in-person full-day sessions (9am-4pm)

Two virtual application sessions (9am-12pm)

Eight 1:1 instruction sessions (1 hour each)

Total Instructional Hours: 42 hours
Total 1:1 Hours: 8 hours (in addition to instructional hours)

Training Cost: $3800

Instructors: Mira Boucher & Carl Boucher


Grant Funding Available! Since this course addresses immediate training needs of wineries and creates improved career prospects for attendees, your winery may be eligible to obtain a grant to cover the costs. We're happy to share details of the two grant programs identified as possible funding sources.

Elevate your winery, elevate your future. Cheers to a brighter, more successful tomorrow! 🥂🌟