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2019 Lost Inhibitions White

2019 Lost Inhibitions White

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  • 90
  • BC Wine of Okanagan Valley
  • Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer

A fun blend of aromatic grapes and Chardonnay resulting in a very expressive wine. The Chardonnay brings a backbone of green apple and acidity, while the Gewurz and Pinot Gris bring the ripe peach, melon, and orchard fruit flavours. A rich and creamy texture cruises along through each sip and offers a long finish. I like the complexity given the price point of this wine. (CWC, 03/25/22).***Each bottle comes with one of 95 possible fun labels! If you select your own custom mix, you can choose between 'lewd' or 'prude' labels. Lewd will have more racy sayings and may include swear words. Prude will be a 'tamer' offering.***

Winery: Lost Inhibitions

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