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2022 Mayhem Rosé Sparkling (250ml Wine in Can)

2022 Mayhem Rosé Sparkling (250ml Wine in Can)

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  • ON Wine of British Columbia
  • Merlot

Bright, fresh, crisp and refreshing, this is the quintessential Summer way of enjoying your wines. In a boat, on a hike, camping or wherever you feel like it, these cans of delicious premium sparkling wines will not disappoint you. Flavours of mixed red berries with a hint of peach and tangerine, this rosé sparkling will quench your thirst with style. Be the cool "dude" who comes prepared with a flat of sparkling wine in cans! 😎 (CWC, 10/05/23). 185 flats made.

Winery: Mayhem

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